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Blinq I-Lash must be used daily for 6-8 weeks and then maintain the application to 3x per week. Maintenance doses are critical to maintaining the length and thickness of your new lashes.


BLINQ I-LASH is manufactured by a WHO compliant manufacturer and uses US FDA inspected raw material.  It has shown to increase growth 4.38% over leading lash serums.


Please Note:  The use of Lash Serums requires patience and commitment.You must use the serum daily. Eyelash growth cycles work with your natural cycle so results can be as early as 4 weeks and as long as 10 weeks for others. 

Be consistent with Blinq I-Lash and use your serum for the full 16 weeks.


Blinq I-Lash is 100% Authentic lash serum that has the same active ingredient and the same strength as the most popular brand name lash serum on the market but at a fraction of the cost!


~How to Apply~ 


Using the tip of the bottle apply 1 drop along the upper eyelid. Repeat this procedure with the other eye. Do not apply the serum to the bottom eyelid. Apply once a day.  Results can normally be seen after two months of use, although it usually takes three to four months to achieve the desired effects. Once the desired length or density is achieved, apply once a week to maintain this length. 

If you completely stop using the serum your eyelashes will revert to their previous state.



Included with your purchase:
3ml bottle of lash serum (2 months supply)
1 Applicator brush 

I-LASH 1 Bottle (2months Supply)

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